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More Elderly Accept Nursing Homes in Other Cities

Thirty nursing homes in China have been ratified to accommodate elderly people who choose to spend their late years in cities other than their original residence, a growing trend among the elderly nowadays.

The Beijing Evening News reports the first batch of designated nursing homes, either public or privately run, are evenly located in big or medium-sized cities and tourist sites.

Most of the elderly people travel to different cities to capitalize on the favorable weather conditions there and enjoy the local tourist attractions, while the nursing homes provide them with relatively cheaper accommodation.

The nursing homes, each with over 100 beds, boast sound sanitation conditions and well-equipped medical and recreational facilities. Moreover, most are located near scenic spots with convenient transportation.

However, these nursing homes are all strained by the lack of adequate beds by the influx of elderly people who migrate from other cities, the report says.

A survey shows elderly citizens who are at a relatively younger age, with higher education, or with living husbands are more likely to choose to stay away from their home places. In Beijing, about 30 percent of the elderly say they welcome such a new trend, the paper says.

(Xinhua News Agency September 1, 2007)

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