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Quarantine Farm to Open in 2006

Shanghai plans to set up a quarantine farm for livestock and poultry brought into the city without proper certificates, so the animals can be properly tested for diseases before they are sold in local markets.

The farm is expected to be completed and go into operation by the end of next year, officials revealed Monday.

"The farm will function to guarantee security and the hygienic condition of animals and animal products on the local market and stop epidemic diseases from spreading through transport," said Hou Peixing, deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of Veterinary Hygienic Supervision.

He said suspicious livestock, poultry and animal products, such as those with invalid quarantine certificates or certificates that don't match with the products and are suspected of being infected with diseases, will be sent to the farm for further checks.

Livestock is only allowed to enter the city through eight highway entrances.

Inspectors check the certificates of the products before allowing them into Shanghai.

The government is tightening up checks these days because over half of the poultry sold on the local market comes from outside of the city.

Officials also patrol non-designated entrances to the city, to prevent people from smuggling chickens into Shanghai. Trucks carrying livestock through those entrances are stopped, and forced to go back to one of the designated access points.

"I can assure you that 97 percent of the livestock and poultry on the market entered the city in the legal way and about 3 percent came in illegally," said Shi Xingzhong, deputy director of the Shanghai Agricultural Commission.

He said it is very tough for vendors to sell livestock that is brought in improperly, because they don't have proper certificates.

The farm, which is expected to cover about 3,000 square meters, will be located in Jiading District near the Outer Ring Road so that it is convenient for truckers to bring livestock for check.

"Only suspicious animals will be sent to the farm. Animals that are proved to be sick will be disposed directly in a treatment station for dead livestock and poultry in Fengxian District," Hou said.

(Shanghai Daily November 1, 2005)

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