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MOH Clarifies Gov't Position on HIV/AIDS
On Tuesday, Vice Minister of Health Wang Longde, who heads the administrative office of the AIDS Prevention Work Committee, gave a briefing on prevention and control of significant epidemic diseases at a press conference sponsored by the State Council Information Office.

Wang said that some Chinese scientists have calculated the number of HIV/AIDS-infected people in the country at one million; the government's official calculation last year was 840,000. The discrepancy is the result of the two statistical methods, and the latter is considered more scientific.

The first method is a calculation made by Chinese experts according to infection rates in a high-risk group. The second method is that commonly used around the world, and with the support of the World Health Organization and experts from the UN AIDS Planning Office, China conducted an in-depth survey and arrived at the new figure.

Wang said that unprotected sex is a major transmission route of HIV/AIDS. In some African countries, AIDS has spread quickly through sexual transmission, and the rate of sexual transmission in China continues to rise. The rate of HIV infection was 0.1 percent among prostitutes in 1997, climbing to 0.6 percent in 2001.

However, because of the private nature of sexual activity, it is difficult for the government to obtain information and develop effective means to control this route of transmission. Interdepartmental cooperation within the government and with non-governmental organizations is necessary.

The Ministry of Health must educate the public on the dangers of sexual transmission of AIDS and encourage sexually active people to limit their numbers of partners. Use of condoms by sex workers should also be vigorously promoted.

( June 29, 2004)

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