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Good News for HBV Patients

Chinese researchers have proven a vaccine on Hepatitis B virus (HBV) to be effective after completing the third phase clinical experiments in five years.

Newspapers reported that scientists publicized the good news at a meeting on hepatic diseases in Guangdong Province on Monday, saying that the vaccine will soon be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for going on the market.

Yang Jiong, vice director of the Guangdong Lingnan Hepatic Diseases Research Center, said the new vaccine can activate patients' immune systems to fight against hepatitis B virus.

The palsy of the immune system is the major reason for the long-standing condition of Hepatitis B virus carriers. It is the root challenge in the treatment of the disease.

Clinical experiments show that the vaccine can help 64.3 percent of the patients to change their positive expression of HBV DNA serum to negative, and change positive e antigen serum to negative for 43 percent of the patients.

Yang Jiong said about 70 percent of the patients still choose the temporary treatment for their HBV diseases by protecting their livers and reducing enzyme in their blood. They might lose the best time to treat the disease by controlling and eliminating the virus.

The professor reminded people that the vaccine can not cure all HBV problems, as the vaccine can not replace anti-virus medicines.

Patients could see good results by using both the vaccine and anti-virus medicines in restraining virus reproduction and preventing HBV diseases from deteriorating to hepatocirrhosis.

The new method is expected to be written into China's new guidelines for treatment of chronic Hepatitis B.

( July 8, 2008)

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