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Chinese Government Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

China's Ministry of Health (MOH) has defined 33 healthy lifestyles and behaviors in a new circular compiled by experts.

The Chinese concept of health, which means more than just not being ill or weak, is a combination of physical and mental health and social adaptation, it said.

According to the circular, the public is encouraged to wash their hands and bathe frequently and not to share towels or toilet articles. People should brush their teeth daily, gargle after every meal, cover their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing and refrain from spitting.

The ministry stressed the cleanliness of drinking water. It also ordered relevant departments to promptly report cases of ailing or dead livestock, which can't be used for food.

The ministry also said that pregnant women should have at least five pre-natal exams, while for other people, an annual check-up was needed.

The MOH advised the public to learn to use condoms correctly to reduce the danger of transmitting or catching AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

To popularize the basic knowledge and skills needed for healthy lifestyles and behaviors, the ministry has worked to promote citizens' awareness of health. The circular has three parts: basic concepts, healthy lifestyles and behaviors and basic skills.

(Xinhua News Agency February 8, 2008)

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