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Expo Participants Issue Shanghai Declaration

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Participants at the Shanghai World Expo jointly issued the Shanghai Declaration Sunday as a "summary of the substantive achievements" of the 184-day event, looking to innovations as solutions in tackling the challenges of urban development.

The Shanghai Declaration is also "an expression of the shared aspirations of people around the world for a 'Better City, Better Life'", according to the statement released at the Summit Forum on the sidelines of the expo, which is set to conclude later here Sunday.

The participants came to consensus, through exhibitions of pavilions, showcases of urban best practices and exchanges,that people's understanding and pursuit of a better life are both the foundations and the engines of urban development.

It is necessary to re-examine the relationship between people, cities and the planet, said the statement.

They pledged to build cities that forge harmony between diverse people, between development and environment and between cultural legacies and future innovations.

The declaration also proposed that Oct. 31, the closing day of the World Expo 2010, should be nominated as World Better Cities Day, in a bid to recall, renew and advance ideas and practices of the Shanghai Expo for future development.

The Expo opened on May 1 in Shanghai, China's financial hub, for a six-month run with the theme of "Better City, Better Life", with 246 countries and international organizations taking part.

Since the Expo opened on May 1, there have been more than 70 million visits, a record high in the Expo history.

(Xinhua News Agency October 31, 2010)