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Int'l Gourmet Safaris

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As an eye-popping paradise to gourmet, Shanghai offers a dazzling array of food and provides an exciting opportunity for cuisine exploration. Bragging from the city's must-try high end, rooftop patio to local-favorite budget or home-run style, foreign restaurants here can be spotted everywhere. Anything for the best taste they can conjure up!

La Villa Rouge 小红楼

Top notch French restaurant in Shanghai. The chef has created an inventive menu that promises more fusion than traditional.

Add: 811Hengshan Road
Tel: 021-64319811, 64316639
Typical menu items: Foie Gras, Australia Steak

Le Planate 梧桐

Located in a beautifully restored French style Shikumen house by Xintiandi Lake, Chefs use only the best seasonal ingredients in preparing dishes.

Add: 373 Huangpi Road (S)
Tel: 021-53832998
Typical menu items: Soufflé, Mushroom Soup

Jean Georges

Jean Georges ia top notch 5 star French cuisine in Shanghai.

Add: 4F, Three On the Bund
Tel: 021-63217733
Typical menu items: Foie Gras, Lobster Tartine Lemongrass Fenugreek

Leonardo's Restaurant

An award-winning Italian cuisine restaurant with dishes -- rich in both flavor and presentation.

Add: 1F, Hilton Shanghai, 250 Huashan Road
Tel: 021-62480000
Typical menu items: Plancha of Seafood and Rock Lobster, Limoncello Sauce


With award-winning executive chef Angelo Sabatelli from Rome, Palladio wins hands down as Shanghai’s best Italian restaurant.

Add:1F, The Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 1376 Nanjing Road (W)
Tel: 021-62797188,62798888
Typical menu items: Foie Gras, Steak, Tiramisu


Modern Italian restaurant located on the top floor of the St.Regis Hotel

Add:39FSt.Regis Hotel, 889 Dongfang Road
Typical menu items:Truffle

Gran Bodega

One of the earliest Spanish restaurants in Shanghai. The chef from Spain cooks excellent papas.

Add: 1F, Royalton Hotel,789 Wuyi Road
Tel: 021-52060719,52068000-5115
Typical menu items:Paella Negra con Chipirones, Boquerones en Vinagre

Azul & Viva

Stylish, filled with romantic atmosphere. A diverse selection of Spanish dishes, rich in both flavor and presentation.

Add:18 Dongping Road
Tel: 021-64331172
Typical menu items: Pork Rib, Sesame Prawns


Marrakech is the first restaurant in Shanghai to offer Moroccan cuisine and also serve Halal food.

Add: 133 Fuxing Road (w)
Tel: 021-64334261
Typical Menu Items: Couscous, Tagine


German Bavarian-style bar and restaurant, lively band of the Philippines can take away all of your tired.

Add:150 Fenyang Road
Tel: 021-64745700
Typical menu items: Grill Pork Knuckle, Dark Beer

Kathleen's 5

Located on the rooftop of the historic Shanghai Art Gallery, Kathleen's 5 combines fine dinning with a spectacular view.

Add:5F Shanghai Art Gallery, 325 Nanjing Road (W)
Typical menu items: Steak, Caesar Salad

Mexico Lindo

The restaurant's executive chef created the menu blend of modern Mexico and Texas–Mexixan Cuisine.

Add: Unit39, Lane 3338 Hongmei Road
Tel: 021-64659336
Typical menu items: Enchiladas de la Case, Spicy Prawns


It's a Latina buffet feast. RMB 198/per person

Add: Unit 2, House 18, North Block, Lane 181, Taicang Road
Tel: 021-63260905, 63203566
Typical menu items: Bacon


Time honored Japanese restaurant. Chefs use only the best seasonal ingredients in preparing dishes that showcase the true taste of Japan.

Add: 2F Okura garden Hotel, 58 Mao Ming Road
Tel: 021-64151111-5216
Typical menu items: Grilled eel on Rice, Ochazuke

Golden Elephant

Top notch Thai restaurant in Shanghai. Golden elephant offers the best TOM YAM KOONG Thai Food.

Add:2F, Ramada Hotel, 700 Jiujiang Road
Typical menu items: Curry Crab, Fish with Lemon Sauce

Julia Teppanyaki

Julia Teppanyaki boasts for its real juicy Kobe beef, provides you with an ambiance of refined elegance.

Add: No9, Lane 300 Nandan Road(E)
Typical menu items: Top Gade Beef Set


Top notch. It's one of the earliest Korean restaurants in Shanghai with various dishes.

Add: 3F, Section B, L.A.Square, 1665 Hongqiao Road
Tel: 021-62097451,62097561
Typical menu items: Mix Tures of Rice Vegetables, Roast Ox Tongue

Sun with AQUA

Located in the Bund Buildings, The open kitchen unites the art, classical, culture, cuisine and fashion.

Add: Six on the Bund (Guangdong Road)
Typical menu items: Tunabelly Sashimi


Lying in the cozy sofa and having a taste of exquisite Korean cuisine.

Add:5F, Infiniti Plaza138 Huaihai Road(M)
Typical menu items: Spicy calf Rib

Thai Gallery

You can not only appreciate the paints that the shop owner sought from all over the world, but also can taste authentic Thai flavor.

Add: 127 Datian Road
Typical menu items: Fried Red Curry and Lemon Grass Chilli Crab, Mango and Sticky Rice


One of the best Indian restaurants in Shanghai. Sitting beside the large dinner table and enjoying the North Indian cuisine.

Add: Bldg 4, Ruijin Guest House, 118 Ruijin Road (no.2)
Typical menu item: From the Handi, Kashmiri Raita


With Club Vietnam up top and The Terrace below, the F.C.C housed in a restored villa, focus on Vietnamese and French cuisine.

Add: Building 11-12, 889 Julu Road
Typical menu items: Deep Fried Shrimp Balls stuffed with Goose Liver, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crabs with Spicy Salt.

Shuluoyuan Korean Restaurant

A confort Korean restaurant with excellent decoration and traditional Korean dishes.

Add: 3F, Wuzhong Business Building, 1099 Wuzhong Road
Tel: 021-61210912, 61202966
Typical menu items: Seafood Green Onion Pancake, Iron Roasted meat


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