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Tour of Museums in Shanghai

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Abundant in museum resources, the city of Shanghai is not only a modern metropolis but a city with long culture history. In tandem with the social economic development and civilization progress upon this city, museums in Shanghai have been growing rapidly and come to a mature way gradually. Scattered in every corner of this city, each museum plays the role of culture cell strong character and all of them create the soul of the culture spirit of this city.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

The center is the only having a whole imposing building to herself in the world. It condenses the yesterday, today and tomorrow of city planning and construction of Shanghai Metropolis based on the exhibition theme of City, Human Being,Environment and Development.

Address: 100 people's Avenue
Tel: 021-6318477
Trsns: Metro Line 1 (People’s Square Station), Bus 01, 02.

Shanghai Museum

As a museum of ancient Chinese art, Shanghai Museum possesses a collection of 120,000 precious works of art. Its rich and high-quality collection of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, painting and calligraphy is specially celebrated in the world.

Address: 201 People's Avenue
Tel: 021-63723500
Trans: Metro Line 1 (People's Square Station), Bus 01, 02, 46,108

Shanghai City History Development Exhibition Hall

The museum adopts the display with "real objects in the scenes" supplemented with high-tech methods, combing cultural relics, stage properties, models, sound and light into one.

Address: Century Avenue, Pudong New area
Tel: 021-58791888
Trans: Metro Line 2 (Lujiazui Station)

The former residence of Lu Xun

The residence is kept in its original state. Such valuable relics as Lu's manuscripts, works and inscription in his memory are displayed in the hall.

Address: 200Tianai Road (by Sichuanbei Road)
Tel: 021-65402288
Trans: Metro Line 3& 8 (Hongkou Football Stadium Station), Bus 100

Old Shanghai Tea House

The museum displays cultural relics from all period of Shanghai history and brings back the customs of old Shanghai.

Address: 385 Fangbang Road (M)
Tel: 021-53821202
Trans: Bus 01, 11

Water cultural Park of Huangpu River

You might appreciate the beauty of Huangpu, mother river of Shanghai and its abundant propagation resources.

Address: Maqiao Town, Minhang
Tel: 021-54725611
Trans: Xinhe Line

The former residence of Madame Soong Chingling

The interior is kept to its original state when Madame Soong was alive, including the painting "galloping horse" by Xu Beihong, stone carving "a hundred birds paying homage to phoenix" from Lin Boqu, limousine from Stalin.

Address: 1834 Huaihai Road (M)
Tel: 021-64376268
Trans: Bus126, 926, 920, 911

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