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Street in Shanghai with Special Features

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The tourism facilities in Shanghai, traditional and modern, common and elegant, and sports are rather perfect, rich in contents and complementing each other. Many pedestrian streets, cultural street, street with alien flavors and street for relaxation appearing in succession surge a modern trend and pour a vivid color of life and youthful vigor into Shanghai, the international metropolis. These streets are not only well-known for tourists to Shanghai at home and abroad to go for sightseeing and shopping and to experience the lingering charms of the taste of life in this metropolitan city.

Fu Zhou Road Culture Street

After having experienced a hundred years of changes and development, Fuzhou Road has formed a street with its unique individually, enjoying a good reputation in China with running various kinds of stationery commodities and full of cultural atmosphere and known as the "first street of Chinese culture".

Transportation: Metro Line 1, 2, 8(People’s Square Station)

Shanghai book city

it is the world first-class bookstore located at 465 Fuzhou Road, a building of seven stories selling various categories of books on different floors.

Dongtai Road Antiques Marketplace

Along the both sides of the street are arranged in good order 125 curiosity shops with respective special features. Displayed there are a wide variety of curios handicraft articles, known for their "curiosity, extraordinary and queerness".

Transportation: Metro Line 8(Laoximen Station)

Shanghai Old Street

200 store, big and small, are engaged in different kinds of trades, pottery and porcelain, the "scholar's four jewels", the pawn broking, old furniture, embroideries, and traditional Chinese medicines and tonics, all permeated a strong flavor of life in Shanghai.

Transportation: Bus11

Shanghai Museum for Historical Data

385, Fangbang Road (M). The genre of old Shanghai and the ins and outs of the old city in the days of the Republic is reviewed in the teahouse.

Book Market Street on Confucian Temple Road

It is a well-known cultural old street, named after the Confucian Temple on which the street is build. The street keeps the tranquility of the residential area of the city proper and areas just outside the city gates.

Transportation: Metro Line 8(Laoximen Station)

Shanghai Confucian Temple

It is located at 215 Confucian Temple Road. The Temple is the only ancient cluster in the center of Shanghai to combine together the "temple and the learning".

Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street

In the 1930s it was a residential area for Japanese nationals in Shanghai and a place for cultural celebrities to gather as well. On either side of the street there are several scores of building with different architectural style and a score of historical buildings.

Transportation: Metro Line 3(Dongbaoxing Rd. Station)

Modern Art Gallery at Duolun Road

The modern art gallery located at 27 Dulun Road, having a rich collection and frequently putting on exhibitions of contemporary art.

Taikang Road Arts and Crafts Street

"The Gate to the Art", an arch-styled sculpture of stainless tinged with artistic imagination now erects at comer of Taikang Road. The newest and most creative art showcased in the old "shikumen'lane houses--this is the charms of Taikang Road, the city's heart of art.

Transportation: Bus 104 and 109


Tianzifang, located at 210 Taikang Road, used to be Lilong factories in the 1930s. But new it has been turned into art studios from eighteen nations and areas to be engaged in visual arts, industrial arts and domestic design, known as the "Soho in Shanghai".

Xinhua Road Garden Street

The tall and dense Chinese parasols, the villas under the cover of green trees, the exquisite relief sculptures in the street---all this brings up Xinhua Road and enjoys the fame of a "young lady from respectable family".

Transportation: Bus113

Alien Lanes

In 1930s and 1940s a good many emigrants stayed in Lane 211 and Lane 328 Xinhua Road, also known as Xinhua villas. In Xinhua Villas there are dozens of residences in architecture of British,American,the Netherland, Italy, and Spain.

"Xintiandi" Leisure and Recreation Community

Outside the gate, is the exceedingly fascinating "shikunmen" lane and inside is the entirely modern way of life--it looks a world difference at a step of distance. The art gallery, theme restaurant, fashion shop, bar... the elegant genre and good designing quality id revealed everywhere, blending with the nostalgia of old Shanghai--all making the area so unforgettable.

Transportation: Metro Line 1 (Huangpi Rd.(S)Station)

Liuligongfang Art Gallery

158 Madang Road is the first museum in Asia showing glass articles in an all-round way. What is shown here is a theme restaurant with everything made of glass articles.

Yandang Road

Yandan Road branches off here from the bustling Huaihai Road and leads to quiet Fuxing Part. Palm trees, outdoor café and surrounding Shanghai-style architecture all add up to romantic European atmosphere in which you feel so restful amidst much ado. Open around the clock to the pedestrian traffic, Yandang Road is lined with cafes, wine bars, bistros, recreational facilities and beauty salons. Multi-national-flavor snack food and drinks are well housed here such as Italian pizza, German sports chocolate, Singaporean coffee, Japanese fast food –savory and distinctive ,and healthy drinks from Hong Kong, egg puddings of Macau and Taiwanese tea and rice cakes—varies and palatable. Surely most regional Chinese cuisines well known at home and abroad, include local Shanghai-style dishes, Sichuan food, noodles and snakes, etc. On weekends some themed activities are staged here one after another to promote unique commercial customs such as Yellow Mountain tea festival, international food festival, ice creams & drinks week, dumplings & pastry festival, wedding dress show week, etc.

Wujiang Road

Wujiang Road is a multi-level leisure street with two-floor walking sections and a division between pedestrian and vehicles, the only of its kind in Shanghai. Over forty delicacy restaurants are found here including Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, etc. All of them are different and distinctive, and each restaurant has its own character with particular food. The street is equipped with such scenic facilities as moveable flowerpots, trees benches for resting and vending kiosks. The middle section is a small square with a center stage. The step-shaped seats function as the audience on cultural events as well as the resting places for tourists. The pedestrian mall is attractive for its miniature in size and exquisite in design. You can easily have the peace of mind without noticing all commercial activities around. It is so relaxed and easygoing at the pedestrian mall as id you roamed in a park. Wujiang Road Leisure Street has become another piece of land of comforts in the bustling urban city.

Duolun Road

Duolun Road is a quiet and narrow zigzagging alleyway in Hongkou District, which has become a showacase of Shanghai literati's life in 20s and 30s in the 20th century. Cultural celebrities including LunXun, Qu Qiubai, Guo Moruo and Mao Dun had met here to carry out revolutionary activities. The life-like copper statues at street side vividly depict the unique features of the literati and a tour of their stories in the old days. Duolun Road is so-called "An outdoor Museum on Shanghai-style Architecture" represented by famous Hong De church and multi-featured residences of Kong Xiangxi, Bai Chongxi and Tang Enbo. Beside people may linger in the halls of collections inducing those of newspapers, porcelain wares, books, currencies, bizarre rocks, chopsticks, jade wares, Suzhou embroidery, etc. Duolun Road has become an excellent place for leisure, sightseeing and cultural activities, dotted with antique market, bookstore and teahouse. With its archaic sights and elegant cultural atmosphere Duolun Road is listed as one of the top tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Lan Xiang Chopsticks Collection Hall

Founded by chopsticks collector Mr. Lan Xiang, China's only chopsticks collection folk art hall has a rare collection of over 980 kinds of Chinese and foreign chopsticks, numbering nearly 1600 pairs.

Old Movie Cafe

With old furniture in nostalgic style of 20s and 30s and non-stop projection of old Shanghai classical movies, you may thumb through old Shanghai newspaper "Shanghai Daily" and "Photo Copies of Friend movie magazine" and paintings and calligraphy by old movie stars, to trace long-lost metro politan happenings.

Currency Exhibition Hall

As Asia's largest ancient currency company, the currency Exhibition Hall displays over 8000 in category and more than 1000 in number.

Fuzhou Road

Fuzhou Road has long been reputed as "cultural street" since a century ago for an increasing concentration of some well-known book store, publishing houses and time-honored stationery stores dealing in writing brushes, ink sticks, rice paper, ink stores, etc. On Fuzhou Road today all kinds of bookstores and stationery stores still gather here, including China Science and Technology Books Corporation, Shanghai Cultural Commercial Building, Foreign Language Bookstore, Long March Surveying Instruments store, Shanghai Artistic Goods Shop, Shanghai Paper Manufacture Shop and so on. Shanghai Book City is especially listed as one of ten designated cultural landmarks by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Other novelty stores worthy of visiting on Fuzhou Road offer a wide selection of pretty greeting cards, Huizhou rice paper, silk paper, Houshanlian writing brushes, artistic painting frames, etc.

Shanghai Book City

With a knowing scholarly air Shanghai Book City has a magnificent and graceful main structure covering a sales floor of over 10,000sq. meters. As the first super-sized book retailer in Shanghai history it provides more than 12,000 kinds of books.

Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore

With a history of more than forty years Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore has sponsored in Shanghai area some large-scale fairs displaying books from U.S, Japan, France, Germany and other countries over recent years, and become one of Shanghai-based information distribution centers in modern science, technology, education and culture.

Shanghai Classical Book Store

The only large-scale specialized bookstore dealing in classics and classical arts books, it has a collection of over 20,000 select illustrated books and thread-bound Chinese classics, ancient painting and calligraphy, and stone rubbing by tens of thousands.


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