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Shanghai Specific Bars

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Nanjing Road Area

Hard Rock   Style/modern

Shanghai's best known music- themed bar is decorated on the wall with pop star photos, discs, T-shirts, electronic bass and guitars. A theme band from abroad is invited to present lice show. Music with attitude, cordial hospitality and casual atmosphere let the "hard rock" have its own style

Add: 1376 Nanjing Road

Tel: 021-62798133

Business Hours: 11:00am-1:30am

Always   Style/humanism

The grand Chinese old-style color paintings and ebony wooden table and chairs give the bar some classical character, the treatment of which reminiscent of time-honored Chinese civilization. In such a neat and spacious setting, completed with constant pop music and jazz playing you surely have a comfortable, pleasant and relaxing speak-easy feel.

Add: 1528, Nanjing Xi Road

Tel: 021-62478333

Business Hours: 11:00am-2:00am

Pudong Area

Cloud 9     Style/ Abstract

Crowned "world's tallest bar"by new Millennium-versioned Guinness World Record, Cloud 9 is dominating and ostentatious. A bird's eye view of beautiful Shanghai evokes a pent-up care-free relaxation in such a spacious setting. The indoor pillars crossed steel frame and polished chromium-coated mirrors are connection design create a heavenly fairyland free from worldly bustle. Come and have a wonderful experience that cannot be expressed in words!

Add: 88,Shi Ji Da Dao,87/F Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jin Mao Tower

Tel: 021-50491234 ext. 8787

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 18:00-24:00

Sat- Sun 11:00-24:00

Hyatt Patio    Style/ While-collar

Looking up you fell the circular atrium, like halos with one on top of another; rise rhythmically all the way up to a transparent round summit. Wonder it is a rocket cabin or an endless sky? A bar can never be so magnificent and majestic. The grand abstract mural picture on the wall strikes you can gorgeous, noble and reserved.

Add: 88, Shi Ji Da Dao, 56/F Grand Hyatt Hotel. Jin Mao Tower

Tel: 021-50491234

Business Hours: 11:00-23:00

Piano Bar     Style/ Artistic

A percent dream at Piano Bar set up to with ancient Chinese Horse-saddle designs, board comfortable couch with deerskin cover, authentic brand whiskey, piano solo and songs. You may feel nostalgia for good old days at the most state-of-the art bar noticing in particular those chairs with historical horse-saddle designs and the trumpet player who appeared on stage since 1930s.

Add: 88,Shi Ji Da Dao, 83/ F Grand Hyatt Hotel. Jin Mao Tower

Tel: 021-50491234

Business Hours: 18:00-24:00

Pu-J's      Style/Yuppie

KTV, Jazz piano bar, live show, dance zone-all are here at four-in- one multi-function bar. In the bottom-sea-world-like dark, the elegant clientele roam in leisure with costly wine bottles shimmering like the scales of fish. With its chic designs, colorful lighting and live music it once again sets the trend for what a "hot" bar should look like.

Add: 88,Shi Ji Da Dao, Podium Level 3, Grand Hyatt Hotel Jin Mao Tower

Tel: 021-50491234 ext. 8732

Business Hours: 19:00-1:00

Maoming Road Area

Yie Lai Xiang     Style/ Yuppie

Located on the third floor of five-star Japanese-run Garden Hotel, you can appreciate its luxury, elegance and romance on the largest arc terrace in the city, and bring back all the fond memory of …

Add: 58 Maomin Nan Road Garden Hotel

Tel: 021-64151111 extension 5217

Business Hours: 14:30-24:00

Face       Style/ Post modernism

Tucked away in an old-time mansion at the Ruijin Hotel, a perfect blend of passing luxury, Indian mystery and Thai exotica, redolent and enchanting, some say: Chinese garden, French architecture, Indian tents and Tai cuisine.

Add: 118 Ruijin Er Roa No.4 Bldg. Ruijin Hotel

Tel: 021-64664328

Business Hours: 11:30-1:30

1931     Style/ Nostalgia

Those of 1930s are not so faraway from us, as we could find here old house deed, old entrance signboard, used license plate, calendar, advertising posters, stock coupons, sewing machine, telephone sets, electric fan, table lamp, glass hair oil bottle, and waitresses dressed in old-fashioned long gown. Obviously the old Shanghai still lingers.

Add: 112 Maomin Nan Road


Business Hours: 11:00-2:00

Ton Hall      Style/ Yuppie

You may think you had carelessly broken into a private collection showroom with old-fashioned radio, used calendar, yellowish photos, Qing Dynasty figure paintings, heavy re-wood dining table, sheen less woolen couch and armrest-frayed chairs. Truly there are some masterpieces of many renowned artists. Meanwhile Tibetan-style decorations on the windows let you long for the mysterious plateau.

Add: 162 Maomin Nan Road

Tel: 021-64150227

Business Hours: 10:00-2:00

Jade     Style/ White-collar

When you walk through the unique front door in shape of a popular Hollywood beauty's face, pull up a wooden chair-elegant and comfortable, and sit down to look at a huge picture on the wall with faces of yourselves or friends who have become regular customers. You are really relaxed and free-spirited when chatting over drinks. It is the pleasure that you get from Jade.

Add: 18 Maomin Nan Road

Tel: 021-62150558

Business Hours: 19:00-4:00

Hengshan Road Area

Friday's    Style /leisure

Identified with its own features of red-and white-striped canopies and blue exterior wall, TGIF is full of nostalgic feeling in interior decoration—long-strip wooden flooring, hardwood dining tables and chairs, red-and-white plaid table cloth, and soft, soothing and colorful lighting deco, together with other particular ornaments. Having the experience of Uncle Tom's leisure and joyfulness, you surely get into a genuine week-end atmosphere with all unique American-style dishes and latest American pop music.

Add: 10 Hengshan Road

Tel: 021-64734602

Business Hours: 11:30-1:00

Fragrant Camphor Garden     Style/ White-collar

A showcase of Shanghai-style tea bar, this is a popular hang-out for Shanghai white-collars, located at a trendy area. Unostentatious yet tasteful surroundings and exotic food selections make it an elegant prime spot.

Add: No.2A Hengshan Road

Tel: 021-64334385

Business Hours: 17:00-2:00

Paulaner Branhaus      Style/humanism

All imported from Germany including brewage devices, the Bavarian-style bar has even grenman brewers. Reputed as a "sitting parlor" for Germans working, living and studying in Shanghai, the beer hall has the patronage of any German to Shanghai if time permits.

Add: 150 Fenyang Road

Tel: 021-64745700

Business Hours: 17:00-2:00

Fullhouse     Style/jazz

You may feel like in a huge car in Europe here at "Full House" arranged in a purely European style---red-wood-colored floor, dark brown furniture, its long bar table covering nearly one-third of the lobby and an array of sofa against one side of wall. Everyday best-selling jazz music is presented by a lively in-house band. You can only relax and sit back in such a classical ambience.

Add: 4 Hengshan Road

Tel: 021-64731181

Business Hours: 11:00-2:30

People    Style/ modern

Unprecedented "people" integrates gardening with bar culture. Through the bamboo grove at entrance you may follow a zigzag path further to the bar itself, with exterior wall striped with gray stainless steel and concrete, French windows, glass staircases and stainless steel bar table. Simple, spacious and stylish, the bar surely leads Shanghai bars as a new star.

Add: 150 Yueyang Road

Tel: 021-64660505

Business Hours: 11:30-2:00

Hong Fan    Style/ white-collar

Amidst the faraway "primitive jungles" decorated with life-like natural scenery in typical Indian style, "Hong Fan" is an integration of music, drinking and dining-creative and refreshing. The soft lights glimmering in the trees add some mystery, unrestrained and at ease. And a lively jazz band stages shows every night.

Add: 65 Hengshan Road

Tel: 021-64746828

Business Hours: 10:30-2:00


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