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Czech Pavilion

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Artistic rendition of the Czech Pavilion. []


Artistic rendition of the Czech Pavilion. []


The Czech Republic will use ice-hockey pucks in the design of its World Expo 2010 pavilion.

The white 2,000-square-meter structure will feature rubber ice-hockey pucks on its facade. The design signifies that pucks are a significant Czech export and ice hockey is its national sport, Czech officials have said.

The display will take place at a rented pavilion under the theme "Fruits of Civilization." It will spotlight the use of new technologies and renewable energy, transport solutions as well as a desire for privacy.

Visitors will experience a fictitious and magical city, modeled on Prague's Old Town, inside the pavilion. One can "create and perform magic, travel and participate" in the city, said Pavel Stehlik, commissioner general of Czech Pavilion at Expo 2010, late last week.

Visitors will be able to walk on the pavilion's artificial grass while noticing a regular grid of streets above their heads. Moving from street to street, visitors will discover different artifacts or the fruits of civilization.

In the pavilion, simulated factories will be projected while a module may produce colors, scents and music in a bid to arouse emotions and a more complete experience for visitors. The display will also simulate a lake surrounded by fast-growing vegetation. The design refers to environmental protection awareness.

The country launched a nationwide pavilion design competition that was won by film-making firm company Dekor. The company also designed the Czech Republic's pavilions at Aichi Expo in 2005 and Hanover Expo in 2000. The company produced the James Bond film "Casino Royale."

The Czech Republic is expecting about 30,000 visitors per day to its pavilion during the 184-day Expo. The government has earmarked CZK 179 million (US$8.41 million) for the pavilion.

The Czech Republic signed a participation contract with the Expo Organizer on January 23.


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