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Japan Pavilion

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Artistic rendition of the Japan Pavilion.  []


Japan's exhibit will feature a theme on the harmony between the human heart and technology.

Technologies can contribute to a cleaner world and a better life so that people may gain tranquillity and confidence, but it should be guided by our love of the earth, people and our children, said Hiroshi Tsukamoto, Commissioner General of the Japanese Section Expo Shanghai 2010, after the ceremony.

The theme is an extension of the Aichi Expo 2005 theme "Nature's Wisdom" and also an interpretation of the "Better City, Better Life" Shanghai Expo theme, the official added.

Japan Pavilion has secured a 6,000-square-meter plot at the Expo site. The 24-meter-high pavilion is the largest the country has ever built for a World Expo. It is also one of the largest pavilions at Expo 2010.

The pavilion will be divided into past, present and future exhibits.

The country's semi-circular pavilion will make efficient use of natural resources with solar energy collection batteries and a double-layer membrane that can filter sunshine to coincide with its interpretation of how technology can better our lives.

Visitors will be able to experience some Chinese elements at Japan Pavilion, which will involve Chinese characters and traditional Chinese architectural styles. The history of Japanese diplomatic envoys visiting China will also be part of the exhibit.

Sophisticated energy-saving technologies will be on display and performances will also be staged, said the official.

Some intelligent robots will also be a part of Japan Pavilion, but the official declined to reveal more information in order to keep the exhibit a surprise.

Japan has made an unprecedented effort for Expo 2010, the official said.

The country's pavilion and exhibition will be jointly supported by the national government, regional government and corporations for the first time in the country's Expo history, said Tsukamoto.

It means "Japan has gathered the country's whole power for the Shanghai event," the official added.

Japan is a member of the International Expositions Bureau. It has hosted five World Expos including the Osaka Expo in 1970, which set an Expo record of more than 64 million visitors.

Thus far, 255 countries and international organizations have confirmed their participation at Expo 2010.


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