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Australia Pavilion

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Architectural rendering of the Australia Pavilion. []

Australia will showcase its practice of keeping a balance between urban construction and the natural environment at World Expo 2010 to illustrate its understanding of the theme "Better City, Better Life," it announced today while signing a participation contract with organizers.

Australia Pavilion will take visitors on a journey of Australia's natural beauty and rich culture in an exploration of one of the most livable countries in the world.

Australia's innovative ideas on urban planning, renewable energy development, transport and infrastructure will be presented under the theme "Mastering the challenges: Australia's smart solutions for our urban future."

The pavilion comprises three parts incorporating distinct, yet inter-related exhibitions.

The first part called "Journey" will allow visitors to obtain a basic understanding of Australian society, its international population and its cultural diversity. Pictures and interactive exhibits will profile Australia's landscape and territories and tell the stories of the country's history and people.

A ramp will lead visitors to the second part, which features a 1,000-seat theatre screening a multi-media show that explores the country's major cities, tourist destinations, economic dynamism, cultural diversity, friendly people and high living standard.

Daily performances will be staged in the last part of the pavilion. Visitors will be invited to taste authentic Australian cuisine, sip some fine red wines and buy Australian products.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said in Chinese in a video clip marking the occasion that Australia and China enjoy a long history of friendship and exchange and Australia's objective at Shanghai Expo is not only to showcase the country's economy and culture, but to make a significant contribution to the Expo theme. He extended a warm invitation to Chinese people to visit the Australian Pavilion.

Peter Tesch, commissioner-general for Australia's exhibition section

Visitors will be able to experience and enjoy all aspects of Australian life when touring the pavilion, according to Rudd.

The pavilion, with curving walls and red ochre exterior, is expecting 7 million visitors during the 184-day event. A tender process involving the pavilion's construction, the production of the pavilion displays and technical operations are currently underway and results are expected to be released in September.

About 160 people working in the pavilion will provide bilingual services for the convenience of Chinese visitors. The Australian Government has allocated A$61 million (US$59 million) to fund the construction and exhibition of the pavilion. It will seek another A$22 million from enterprises and state governments.


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