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Electricity Supply Resumes in Quake-hit Qinghai

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Electricity supplies in China's quake-devastated Gyegu Township in Qinghai Province had been mostly restored by Wednesday after repair work on the Trangu hydro-power station was completed.

Gyegu's major source of power is also the first hydro-power station in Yushu Tibetan Prefecture to resume operations since the 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the region April 14 and killed at least 2,220 people.

The station can produce 84,000 kwh of electricity a day and its reservoir holds up to 5.2 million cubic meters of water.

Unreliable electricity supply has been a major challenge for reconstruction in the quake-affected areas, Zhang Guangrong, deputy governor of Qinghai Province, said at a press conference in Beijing April 26.

"Three hydro-power stations in Yushu were damaged in the earthquake," said Xu Yong, deputy general manager of Yushu Power Co. under the Qinghai Provincial Hydro-Power Group.

Xu added that before the repairs to the Trangu hydro-power station were completed, electricity had been generated by a small emergency power station.

(Xinhua News Agency May 6, 2010)

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