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Money Donated to Quake Victim Families

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The Chinese government has begun donating money to families who lost relatives, in the Yushu earthquake. The disaster in Qinghai Province, has so far claimed 2,203 lives.

This is Ganda village, 26 kilometers from Gyegu town. 58 people from more than 200 families died in the quake.

Villagers have just received 8,000 Yuan for each life lost in the quake. Of that, 5,000 comes from the central finance budget, and 3,000 from the local budget.

This man's daughter was among the victims.

Yushu Villager, said, "Our family suffered a great loss in the quake. Our house was brought down, our daughter died and my wife is severely injured. I appreciate the government's aid. I will use part of it for my daughter's funeral."

Officials from Yushu's supervision and audit departments are visiting Ganda village to ensure villagers receive the money.

Lu Wenjun, Yushu Bureau of Cival Affairs, said, "Family members need to provide the death certificate given by hospitals or public security departments. The list will be made public before it is handed in to local governments. There is another public notice after the money is given out. All these measures are to make sure the family members of the victims get the aid."

So far, more than 70 families in three villages near Gyegu town have received the money since April the 22nd.

(CCTV April 26, 2010)