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Students in Yushu County Return to School

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More than 70 students in Yushu County have returned to school, thanks to the help of relief workers from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. They are the first group of local middle school students who are able to resume classes in the wake of the devastating earthquake.

This 15 year old girl- a ninth grade student, has lost seven family members including her grandpa and uncle in the quake.

She has been overwhelmed by grief and would burst into tears whenever she thought of her loved ones. She feels better now as the tent school opens to her and other students.

Student, Yushu No.1 Nationalities Middele School, said, "Things seem to become normal when I meet my classmates and come back to the classroom.

More than 70 of the 7th-9th-grade students have come back to the tent school to attend classes today. They have lessons in mathematics, Tibetan and Chinese. More students will come back in the coming days.

Deputy Magistrate, Yushu County, said, "Hope will never die out with the guidance of the Party and governmental officials and the support from the people all over the country."

Students in the 12th grade will resume their class on April 23. Some relief workers say they experienced the pain caused by the Wenchuan earthquake two years ago, so when the people in Yushu are suffering a similar tragedy, they are eager to stand up and help them.

(CCTV April 19, 2010)

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