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'Hang in There, Yushu': Netizens Express Support After Devastating Quake

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"Hang in there, Yushu."

The words have become a widely used expression for Chinese netizens to express their support for the people in Yushu, northwest China's Qinghai Province, where a devastating earthquake flattened the town Wednesday.

The words are also the name of a forum on, a Xinhua News Agency portal. The forum is for Internet users to convey their condolences to quake victims, offer suggestions on quake relief, and search for family and friends in the quake zone.

A net user named Chaidan said, "I used to work in Yushu, a place with beautiful scenery. I know quite well the freezing nights on the plateau. It even snowed in June. How could the victims pull through such a night. Have they had any food or drink?"

A net user named An Chongmin said, "We can do nothing to help right now, but I hope I can donate money for the quake victims."

Most of the online posts were blessings and wishes urging the quake victims to be strong and pull through the disaster.

The forum also opened a channel for people to look for family members and friends.

Netizen Langhuafeijian posted information about an 18-year-old girl who worked as a waitress in Yushu. The netizen posted a description of the girl and asked the girl or her friends to contact him.

Some bloggers expressed their feelings about the quake and the relief work.

Chengshangqixia, one of the bloggers, shared the story that touched him most.

"I learned on TV 40 rescuers had only four quilts but they gave them and their coats away to quake survivors. As they raced against time to find survivors, they probably didn't even take a rest."

The forum also opened a channel for net users in Qinghai Province to report the latest situation on the ground. Many net users wrote altitude sickness is seriously hampering the rescue work.

On a forum on, net users expressed their grief and wishes. One post read, "Yushu, don't be afraid. You have the entire nation behind you."

Another read, "It's quite painful watching our brothers and sisters die. I hope the tears of those who lost loved ones will dry soon."

The 7.1-magnitude quake has left 1,144 dead and 417 missing.

(Xinhua News Agency April 17, 2010)

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