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Donations Pour into Quake-hit Regions

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As rescuers work around the clock to locate more survivors in Yushu county, relief materials and donations from across the country are pouring into the quake-hit regions.

In the wake of the disaster, the Qinghai provincial authorities have allocated 5-thousand tents, 5-thousand cotton coats and 10-thousand quilts and sheets to the disaster zone.

Donations have also been organized by residents in other regions of the province.

In Ge'ermu, local residents are making phone calls, to volunteer in the relief effort.

Relief Official, Ge'ermu, Qinghai Province, said ,"Two volunteers even took a taxi to come and help us load relief materials.”

Donations from across the country are on the way. Heavy-duty machinery, medicine, tents and cash totaling nearly 30 million yuan, are due to shortly arrive from Jiangsu Province.

Chen Guangbiao , Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, said, "In addition to the 21 bulldozers, 16 power generators, excavators and cranes that we previously purchased, we have bought another 34 generators this afternoon."

In Qingdao, Shandong Province, the Red Cross has been flooded with donations from local residents.

Qingdao Resident, said, "I want to make a donation to help the victims. Though my amount is tiny, every little bit helps. It can eventually add up to a large sum and help people in the quake-hit areas to get through this difficult situation. "

So far, the China Red Cross has sent half a million yuan, a thousand tents, 5-thousand cotton coats, and 5-thousand quilts to Yushu County.

The first allotment of relief materials will arrive Thursday night.

(CCTV April 16, 2010)