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Rescue Efforts in Place Immediately

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The military in Qinghai Province launched an emergency response immediately after the quake occurred Wednesday morning. Hundreds of soldiers were deployed during the first hours after the quake. Rescuers say that relief supplies are in great need for survivors.

After six hours, the rescue team saved a young teacher trapped under the debris of a middle school. An hour later, a student was also rescued. The severely injured victim was in a coma and undergoing medical treatment. So far the soldiers have rescued over a thousand survivors.

While fixing tents and rescuing the injured, the rescuers also strengthened the security of oil facilities, banks and ammunition depots. They say the quake destruction is visible almost everywhere.

Rescue official Yan Junfu said, "We have deployed all our soldiers to the quake-hit area. As far as I can see, 99 percent of the buildings have collapsed. We are trying to save more survivors, but we need more large equipment to get people out of the debris."

With temperatures currently below zero at night, tents, winter clothes and quilts are desperately needed.

Rescuers and relief supplies are coming from around the country. Sichuan has sent more than one-hundred people. Guangdong Province has more than three-hundred on their way. Most of these emergency workers participated in rescue efforts during the major quake in Sichuan in May 2008.

(CCTV April 15, 2010)