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Micro Credits to the Rescue / by Jiao Meng, February 21, 2012 Adjust font size:


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Poverty continues to linger in people's lives.

Micro credits are becoming a way to help people escape poverty.



我想扩大我的瓷砖店    I want to expand my ceramic tile shop.

我想盖很多个大棚        I want to build many greenhouses.

我想开个服装店            I want to open a fashion store.

我想买一台电脑            I want to buy a computer.

我想发展养殖业            I want to raise livestock.

我就是没有钱                I just don’t have the money.

我没有钱                        I have no money

我需要你们的帮助        I need your help.




Credit is an asset. Micro credits can give them strength.


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