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Official: China Undertaking Low-carbon Development

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China is reconciling its traditional development and consumption patterns with low-carbon development so as to achieve ultimate harmony between humans and nature, a senior Chinese official said Tuesday.

In his speech to be delivered at a United Nations (UN) climate change seminar, Xie Zhenhua promised that China would strive to achieve this harmony by closely integrating the Chinese stage of development with its unique national situation.

Xie is vice minister of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission.

According to Xie, China will push forward its low-carbon development through the following steps.

Firstly, China will enhance policy guidance and macroscopic coordination, as low-carbon economy is an integrated topic for which balanced coordination and guidance are important. The Chinese government is planning to distribute holistic guiding policy documents.

Secondly, China will implement various policy measures. The Chinese government will incorporate the development of a low-carbon economy into the country's 12th Five-Year Program for National Economic and Social Development. China will develop a low-carbon economy through the transformation of economic development patterns, industrial restructuring, increasing energy efficiency and the improvement of energy efficiency.

Thirdly, China will arrange pilot efforts for the development of a low-carbon economy. China will select representative regions or areas for demonstration projects on low-carbon economy, and work out and deliver plans to develop local low-carbon economy.

Fourthly, the country will upgrade capacity building for the development of a low-carbon economy. The Chinese government is organizing relevant departments to reinforce and improve the construction of monitoring, statistical and management systems for greenhouse gases and setting up cross-field multi-disciplinary science teams to achieve breakthroughs in key areas.

Fifthly, China is to enhance communication and education to upgrade public awareness. The Chinese government will promote all forms of communication and education activities for the development of a low-carbon economy and urge society to adopt low-carbon lifestyles and consumption patterns.

Sixthly, the country will organize international communication and cooperation. The Chinese government will boost dialogue and cooperation with other countries and international organizations with an open and practical attitude. China will introduce advanced concepts and experiences of developed countries and create a uniquely Chinese model for developing a low-carbon economy.

Another senior Chinese official, Zhao Baige, vice minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, told the same seminar that China is dealing with climate change using integrated and comprehensive insight.

She said that China is moving forwards on the path of low-carbon economy and social development under the framework of sustainable development and the interaction of various sectors: politics, economy, society, culture and ecology.

The Chinese government has adopted a set of actions that integrate climate considerations into the Chinese economic policy, such as stricter control of loans to sectors featuring high-carbon emissions and the increase of credit-support to low-carbon industries, said Helen Clark, administrator of the United Nations Development Program.

She said that these moves confirm what the international community already hailed as one of the most important steps from the Bali Road Map: the Chinese commitment to pursue a path of low-carbon development through the reduction of carbon intensity.

In recent years, China has also been leading the way in developing and adopting affordable low-carbon technologies and solutions.

Khalid Malik, UN resident coordinator in China, told Xinhua at the seminar that it is possible for China to improve the lives of people but also reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

"So we had to make certain that we avoid the lessons and the mistakes that other countries have made and that we learn the lessons from it," he said. "There is enough knowledge and technology around for us to bring it together and to produce a more sustainable part."

China is expected to release the National Human Development Report during the UN climate change talks. The report will initiate the development of low-carbon economy in China and a sustainable society for the future.

(Xinhua News Agency December 16, 2009)