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US Former Presidents Clinton, Bush to Visit Haiti

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The US former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will visit Haiti on Monday to boost reconstruction efforts of the Haitian government and the international community.

Clinton and Bush are in charge of a humanitarian aid fund created by US President Barack Obama, which aims to help Haiti after it was hit by a devastating earthquake and the following tsunami.

During their visit, Clinton and Bush will meet with representatives of the Haitian people and government, as well as organizations involved in the aid given to victims of the earthquake.

The Clinton-Bush Fund has collected about US$36 million and has given US$4 million to organizations to aid victims.

The visit is 10 days before the Haiti donors summit to be hosted in New York on March 31, and it is expected to coordinate actions of Haiti and the United States in reconstruction programs.

(Xinhua News Agency March 22, 2010)