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Haiti Re-opens Schools After Killer Earthquake

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Schools in Haiti's capital city re-opened on Monday after the January 12 killer earthquake as President Rene Preval said all elementary schools should re-open in March.

UNICEF communication officer Francis Vanni said that children would return to school activities as soon as their schools are ready to receive them in Port-au-Prince and the other towns affected by the earthquake.

Vanni also said that as efforts to rebuild all schools would take time, he urged the international community to continue assisting Haitian children.

On Monday, some children were seen walking with their parents to the few schools that were re-opened with limited curricular activities.

Children are most vulnerable to post-quake crisis in Port-au-Prince, with 75 percent of the city was devastated by the magnitude-7.3 quake.

Re-opening schools and resuming school activities are expected to help children in ways that are beneficial to them physically and mentally.

(Xinhua News Agency February 2, 2010)

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