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Haitian Man Saved 11 Days After Quake

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A Haitian man in his 20s was saved from a crumbled hotel grocery store in the flattened capital city of Haiti on Saturday, 11 days after a devastating earthquake hit the Caribbean nation.

The man, who had been buried under the rubble of the collapsed Hotel Napoli Inn in downtown Rue du Center, was pulled out alive one day after the government announced an end to the search for survivors due to manpower shortage for relief distribution among the estimated 600,000 people left homeless by the quake.

It took the rescuers, who were brought to the shattered store by the man's brother, some four hours to get him out of a tangled mass of wood and concrete.

The food and drinks in the grocery where he worked might have helped the Haitian man to survive the ordeal, rescuers said.

According to the man, there might be other people trapped deep in the rubble.

Since the quake struck Haiti on January 12, more than 60 international search and rescue teams have been working round the clock and have already saved more than 130 people.

(Xinhua News Agency January 24, 2010)

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