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Remaining Chinese Nationals in Haiti to Return Home Soon

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All 56 remaining Chinese nationals in quake-ravaged Haiti will soon be brought back to China, said a top Chinese business representative on Thursday.

"Up until now, there are still 56 Chinese citizens waiting for evacuation," said Wang Shuping, China's business representative in Haiti.

"We have provided them with safe shelters and we will take them home as soon as condition permits," Wang told Xinhua.

He added his office would do its best to arrange a flight, hopefully in next two or three days.

Haiti's Civil Defense Department said Tuesday the quake had killed 75,000 people, injured 250,000 others and left a million homeless.

Officials estimate the final death toll may reach between 100,000 and 200,000.

Food and water shortages have multiplied security pressures in the Caribbean country, with reports of looting of disaster relief goods.

"Sometimes it's normal for such things to happen when people don't have enough food or water supply after the earthquake. However, the general situation is heading toward a return to normal," said Wang.

"Almost all stores were closed following the quake. But some have begun to resume business," he said.

Banking services are to reopen at the weekend, the country's commerce minister said Thursday.

Meanwhile, the seaport in Port-au-Prince is ready to receive limited shipments.

Water supply in the capital city, which is the hardest-hit in Haiti, is beginning to resume. But damaged roads and lack of vehicles are stilling impeding the distribution of relief goods.

As the hope of salvaging more lives is diminishing, rescuers have begun to refocus their attention on providing medical and mental care for traumatized survivors.

(Xinhua News Agency January 22, 2010)

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