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Curfew Ordered in Port-au-Prince

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Haiti's police and the United Nations Stabilizing Mission in Haiti have ordered a curfew in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

The measure -- which goes into effect at six o'clock Sunday evening -- is the result of rising lawlessness on Saturday.

Armed men were seen in the streets attacking places where food and water were believed to be stored.

Here's how it looked ahead of the curfew. On one street, residents walk around the bodies of two men with their hands tied behind their backs who had been shot in the head execution-style.

People are trying to establish some sense of normality in tent cities. Logistical deadlocks keep major relief supplies from reaching victims, many of them sheltering in camps along with debris and decomposing bodies.

With the curfew, no one can walk the streets except for police or military officers, or residents under escort by security forces. Helicopters are also barred from making overflights.

(CCTV January 18, 2010)

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