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Bodies of 8 Chinese Police Return Home

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The bodies of eight Chinese police officers are on their way back to China. They died when a UN building in Haiti collapsed during last week's earthquake. A chartered plane carrying the bodies is scheduled to arrive in Beijing on Tuesday.

At the airport of Port-au-Prince, the rescue team and members of China's UN peacekeeping force in Haiti paid a final tribute to their compatriots who were killed in the deadly earthquake.

At the airport of Port-au-Prince, the rescue team and members of China's UN peacekeeping force in Haiti paid a final tribute to their compatriots who were killed in the deadly earthquake. 
At the airport of Port-au-Prince, the rescue team and members of China's
UN peacekeeping force in Haiti paid a final tribute to their compatriots who
were killed in the deadly earthquake.

The Chinese plane, carrying the bodies of the eight police officers, left Sunday night and is expected to arrive in Beijing Tuesday morning.

The first body was found early Friday morning, after more than 80 hours of searching.

The other seven were retrieved later in joint efforts between the Chinese and several foreign rescue teams.

Rescuers at the site held a simple mourning ceremony for the eight victims.

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