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Survivors' Life Difficult, Weather Good

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For more on the situation in Haiti, we're joined live by Nathan King in New York.

Q1. Please first update us on what's happening in Haiti? What's life like for the survivors at the moment? And will the country ever recover from this major earthquake?

Q2. We know that a number of UN buildings have collapsed in Haiti and that more than 150 UN workers are still unaccounted for. How has the UN responded to the quake? And what efforts are being made to find the missing staff?

Q3. Thousands of survivors are in urgent need of emergency relief. We know rescue teams from many countries are either on their way or have arrived in Haiti. So can you tell us what the UN is doing to organize the international aid flowing in?

Q4. The US has promised an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort to help the people of Haiti. What are some of the specific measures being undertaken by the US?

(CCTV January 16, 2009)

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