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Major Hospitals in Haiti Paralyzed for Lack of Staff, Medicines

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Biggest hospitals in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's quake-devastated capital city, are paralyzed due to lack of water, electricity, doctors and medicine.

Authorities of the General Hospital said on Friday that the most important medical center of Haiti can no longer provide assistance to anyone because there is no drinking water, electricity, fuel for the ambulance, medical staff or medicines.

Director of the General Hospital Guy Laroche told reporters that "we are not able even to count the number of injured."

Meanwhile, De la Paz Hospital is in operation thanks to the work of a Cuban brigade, while the Haitian directives and workers of that center are absent.

Sara Salas, a Cuban doctor now working in that hospital said that they need anesthesia, serum, plaster, and orthopedic materials to cut or stabilize the fractures of the patients.

It is estimated that the earthquake killed at least 100,000 people and left 3 million victims, it not only collapsed several buildings, but also the governmental system, which has impeded the prompt and efficient coordination of the aid arriving in the country.

(Xinhua News Agency January 16, 2009)

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