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Small Miracle: Trapped UN Guard Rescued

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A newly arrived search team has pulled United Nations security worker Tarmo Joveer alive from the organization's collapsed headquarters.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moom called it a small miracle in the grim search. The UN's mission chief Hedi Annabi and his deputy Luis Carlos da Costa are among roughly 100 UN personnel still buried in the rubble of the five-story headquarters building.

Eighteen UN peacekeepers and four international police officers have been confirmed dead. The UN's Haitian mission includes 7,000 peacekeeping troops, 2,090 international police, 490 international civilian staffers, and over 12-hundred local civilian staffers.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moom said, "Clearly this is a major humanitarian disaster. To hear those reports of suffering every hour, to see these terrible images on television is very painful to all of us."

"Early this morning, another survivor - the Estonian close pretection officer named Tarmo Joveer, was located when scratching sounds were heard. It was quite fortunate that we have him rescued. He was transported to the Argentinian hospital. I hope he will be will soon. It was a small, small miracle."

(CCTV January 15, 2010)

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