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Int'l Organizations Send Aid to Haiti

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International organizations are donating millions to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti. It's devastated much of the country's capital killing tens of thousands of people.

The World Bank will provide an additional US$100-million in emergency funding. And the European Commission has provided three-million euros in initial aid.

Enough energy biscuits to feed 30-thousand people for a week, have been airlifted to survivors by the World Food Program.

The Organization of American States has called on all American countries to offer immediate assistance to Haitians.

The International Red Cross, the International Monetary Fund and UNESCO have all pledged support. The Pan American Health Organization, part of the World Health Organization, has made a world-wide appeal for cash for disaster relief.

 Dr Jon K. Andrus, Pan American Health Organization, said, "This is a rapidly emerging situation and we don't have all the facts but we do know that we have to respond immediately and act immediately. We are talking about people, about families, about children, and not just the numbers. People who want to help should donate cash to a reputable relief or faith-based organization. "

(CCTV January 14, 2010)

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