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Sichuan Farmers Busy Harvesting, Planting Crops

Sichuan farmers were hit hard by the earthquake. With help from the local government and soldiers, they are busy rebuilding their homes.

In Dujiangyan City, the local government is organizing farmers to harvest and plant their crops. All of the wheat and Chinese cabbage has been harvested. 95 percent of the rice crop has been planted.

A farmer said, "It's better if we plant some. We'll do our best to have our younger generation lead a better life."

In Pingwu County, harvest and planting is also taking place in hot houses and wheat fields.

A farmer in Pingwu County said, "My family has planted two square meters of vegetables. Now it's harvest season. All family members are busy doing so. The damage is less if we sell some."

A farmer in Pingwu County said, "Many people have been affected more severely than me. Difficulties they've met may be worse. And there are some disabled people. I can work and live by my self."

In Pengzhou, some PLA soldiers are also helping farmers to plant crops.

A farmer in Pengzhou said, "They have helped us a lot, tearing down houses, cleaning garbage and collecting wood"

400 villagers in Fenggu town, Mianyang, have been evacuated because the Tangjiashan barrier lake may burst. With less food available, they returned home to get more vegetables before the deadline to evacuate.

With the help of other villagers, plenty of vegetables have been delivered safely to the temporary settlement sites. They are confident they will overcome the difficulties.

(CCTV June 5, 2008)

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