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Epidemic Prevention Underway in Beichuan, Qingchuan, Mianzhu

Preventing an epidemic from spreading has been one of the main post quake concerns. Epidemic prevention now is underway in the worst-hit regions of Beichuan, Qingchuan and Mianzhu.

In downtown Beichuan County, rescuers are clearing corpses.

One rescuer said "The main tasks are disinfecting the corpses and disposing of garbage."

In Qingchuan County's 36 towns and villages, there are more than 500 people working to prevent epidemics. They need disinfectants and sprayers to carry out their work.

Li Ziqing, Director of Qingchuan Disease Prevention and Control Center said "A lot of disinfectant is being used. Disinfecting is a long process, so we need more medicine."

In Mianzhu County, PLA soldiers are helping medical staff disinfect collapsed buildings.

One PLA officer said "We are disinfecting the whole region. For places where there is no vehicles access, we are sending people in."

Epidemic prevention centers are also sending disinfectant to people affected by the quake and telling them how to purify drinking water. After several days work Qingchuan's drinking water has been proclaimed safe.

(CCTV May 22, 2008)

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