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Features: Volunteers' Helping Hands

While rescue workers, police and soldiers have been working around the clock to save lives, many ordinary people have also been offering their help and support to earthquake victims.

CCTV reporter was at a relief goods donation station set up outside the Daci Temple in Chengdu. This place has become a coordination center for receiving and distributing all kinds of donated goods. We see many students volunteers are working here, helping carry the donated goods to the vehicles which are heading for disaster areas.

These relief goods were all donated by people in Sichuan and other provinces. Hundreds of vehicles carrying all kinds of relief materials arrive here throughout the day. And all donors are applauded for their kindness and generosity.

This man has brought diapers, biscuits and milk, which he heard are urgently needed by people in quake-hit areas.

One Chengdu citizen said "Sichuan has been hit by a terrible disaster. As Chengdu citizens, I think we should contribute our support and love to people in the disaster areas. We should all try our best to help them."

It's the third time this young woman has donated relief materials. Previously, she brought masks and gloves. And this time, she is giving food and bottled water.

"I feel I must do something. Our country is has been hit by a catastrophe. As a Chinese, how can I not do anything?!"

Some 300 student volunteers work here every day. Liu Jie, a freshman from a local university, is working as a coordinator.

Liu Jie said "We informed the public through the local media about the items which are needed in the disaster region. Then many people, after hearing the information, brought goods."

Huang Yunzi is a student at a local senior high school. She comes here to work as a volunteer after school every day.

"I sometimes make a human wall with other volunteers to help control the crowds of donors. Sometimes, I just help to carry relief goods."

Other people are volunteering to go to the quake-hit areas to help with relief efforts. Applicants are told to leave their names and contact information with the local Red Cross Association.

This group of volunteers is ready to set out to the city of Dujiangyan to help with relief efforts.

One volunteer said "I'm not sure how long I will have to stay there. Maybe a few days, maybe longer. As a medical worker, I believe I can offer some practical help."

A group of veteran soldiers from Jiangsu province have joined the team of volunteers.

"I used to be a driver in the army. I can do whatever I'm needed to do. All I want is to help the quake-hit people in the front line of this relief campaign."

Other people have offered their own vehicles to transport relief goods to the quake zone. Behind all these actions is just one objective – that is to help the earthquake victims to recover as soon as possible.

(CCTV May 19, 2008)

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