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Criticism: Copenhagen Accord Is Meaningless Spin

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Criticism is mounting after world leaders at the UN climate conference only "noted" a non-binding accord. Many nations are disappointed.

It was a disappointing day for those who had anticipated a legally binding treaty to curb carbon emissions would be reached.

Environmentalists and non-governmental organizations have criticized the Copenhagen accord as meaningless spin.

Kim Carstensen, WWF Global Climate Initiative, said, "It was very close to not having any agreement at all. We ended up with the Conference of Parties noting that there was an agreement made yesterday among 25 countries but they didn't actually agree to what those 25 countries agreed yesterday."

But some world leaders are downplaying the criticism and opposition, and have expressed optimism.

Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Danish Prime Minister, said, "There were some objections, not from many countries, but from quite a few and we overcame that obstacle because now it is entirely up to the countries to sign up for this. I predict -- as my colleagues - that many, many countries would sign up for this."

Much of the disappointment came from developing countries, who are the most vulnerable to the effects of global climate change.

Ian Fry, Delegate, Tuvalu, said, "Obviously we're disappointed that the total outcome of the meeting didn't lead to any legal forms of texts or outcomes that we were hoping for at this meeting.

Frustration was clearly evident on the streets of Copenhagen on Saturday.

But many are still hoping that there will be a chance in the near future to turn back the effects of climate change, and save the planet.

(CCTV December 21, 2009)