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Beijing Residents Expect Climate Deal

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Environmentalists and residents in Beijing have high expectations for the UN climate talks. They would like to see influential world leaders in Copenhagen try to beat a deadline for a climate deal.

All eyes are on Copenhagen as world leaders work through the early hours to beat the deadline for a deal on cutting emissions and cope with the costly impact of global warming.

After a stalemate, the United States revived the 193-nation talks Thursday by backing a US$100 billion climate fund to help poor nations.

Although many leaders mentioned risks of failure ahead of the final push, some environmentalists are still hopeful an agreement can be reached.

Sze Pang Cheung, Campaign Director of Greenpeace China, said, "Although time is against us, but if those leaders have enough charisma and political will, we believe they can still make the most out of the last day and reach an agreement."

Many residents in Beijing back the stance of their government, calling on developed countries to share more responsibility.

Ma Zhen, Beijing resident, said, "I think developed countries in particular should shoulder more responsibility and provide more funds to assist developing countries to curb emissions and reduce damage to the earth."

China's climate change ambassador Yu Qingtai earlier said that the Copenhagen conference is too important to fail.

(CCTV December 19, 2009)

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