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World Leaders Reach Deal on Climate Change

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World leaders have struck a deal to fight climate change after tense negotiations in Copenhagen. The breakthrough ended a deadlock at the UN-led talks. But US President Barack Obama said on Friday that the world still had "much further to go" in the fight against global warming.

The deal described by Obama reflects some progress helping developing nations cope with climate change. All countries agreed that efforts should contain global temperatures to targets set at a conference of the leading economic nations last July.

Obama suggested Friday's agreement among the five key countries would be adopted by the larger summit in its closing hours.

According to US officials, each country also will list the actions it will take cutting global warming pollution by specific amounts. The deal reiterates a goal that eight leading industrialized nations set earlier this year on long-term emission cuts. It also provides a mechanism to help poor countries prepare for climate change.

Obama acknowledged that some nations feel the US is doing too little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He urged leaders to accept a less-than-perfect pact, while making no US concessions.

All sides conceded the deal was imperfect, but agreed it was a starting point for a coordinated international effort to combat climate change. The agreement still hinges on formal approval from a full meeting of all 193 nations at the talks.

(CCTV December 19, 2009)