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China Opposes Carbon Tariffs

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China has said again that it opposes a proposal, allowing certain international individuals and international organization to impose carbon tariffs. These will be levied on countries considered to have failed to set high-enough targets for cuts in emissions.

Spokesman with the Ministry of Commerce, Yao Jian, says international organizations and individuals who propose the carbon tariffs, are ignoring the fact that developed and developing countries are at different stages of development. Therefore, these nations should shoulder different responsibilities and obligations.

Yao Jian, Spokesman of Ministry of Commerce, said, "Developing nations are still at a stage where they need improvements and upgrades. The imposition of carbon tariffs is not good for global economic development. And it should not be included in moves against climate change."

However, Yao Jian did not specify the names of the individuals and organizations.

He added that China has given greater weight to environment protection and energy-saving amid global economic and trade cooperation over the past years. China has encouraged foreign investment and technology in related projects with Japan and European nations, while putting a curb on exports of high-energy consuming products.

The concept of carbon tariffs was initially proposed by former French President Jacques Chirac. It has since been taken up the US, Canada and the European Union. They proposed imposing carbon tariffs on countries that they feel do not make enough effort to reduce emissions.

( December 17, 2009)

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