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China Issues Call for Responsibility

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As the UN climate summit enters its final week in Copenhagen with no agreement in sight, China and other developing nations have urged the developed world to shoulder its responsibilities in the fight against global warming.

Yu Qingtai, chief negotiator, Foreign Affairs Ministry, said, "The key point of the negotiations is that some developed countries intend to abandon the Kyoto Protocol and the Bali Road Map. They have also been making inappropriate requests of developing countries. We insist that they keep their promises and shoulder their responsibilities."

On Tuesday, China, India, Brazil and South Africa held a joint press conference in Copenhagen to call attention to the gap between what developed nations have promised, and what they have delivered so far.

They noted that the reductions of greenhouse gas emissions by them have been greater than the total amount of developed countries, despite the enormous economic pressures their populations face. They said that the developed nations have not taken enough substantive measures, particularly to assist with climate financing.

They said it is high time for the developed economies to shoulder their responsibilities.

( December 17, 2009)

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