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All Countries Responsible for Environment

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The clock is ticking, with just four days to go to the end of the Climate Change Conference. China, India, Brazil and South Africa have held a news conference stressing that all countries... developed and developing... should hold themselves responsible for global warming and its consequences.

China, India, Brazil and South Africa say negotiations should be carried out under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, and the Bali Road Map. They are accusing developed countries of failing to enact substantial targets for emission reductions, and of failing to provide enough capital support for developing countries.

Xie Zhenhua, head of the Chinese delegation outlined what the country has done to reduce emissions. He said, along with India, Brazil and South Africa, China has shown responsibility by voluntarily taking measures. Three other countries have also introduced their measures to tackle climate change.

Xie Zhenhua stressed that China, India, Brazil and South Africa face great difficulties in fighting climate change, since their top task is poverty reduction and economic development. However their combined emission reduction target still surpasses the total of all developed countries.

(, December 17, 2009)

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