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Low Carbon Lifestyle in Copenhagen

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Cutting carbon emissions is not only the priority at the Copenhagen conference. Many are talking about the need to change our everyday lives.

Residents in the Danish capital are now taking to two wheels, in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Winter in Copenhagen is cold and the days are short. More than a third of the city's workers commute by bike. Cyclists have their own lanes on both sides of most thoroughfares. And traffic lights are programmed to give them priority.

Even during the harsh winter, about 80 percent of summer riders continue commuting on two wheels.

Copenhagen now has 560 thousand bicycles, 40 thousand more than its current population. But the city's Bicycle Program says it's still not enough. The group wants to boost the numbers from 37 percent of all commuters to 50 percent.

Andreas Roehl, Manager Copehagen Bicycle Program, said, "The main reason is just to get a very efficient traffic flow and the more people you can get on the bikes, the more room you have on the road for all the trips that has to be done in a car."

The Bicycle Program is just one of many initiatives being pursued by Copenhagen.

The city's Environment Department is spearheading an ambitious program to reduce its carbon emissions by 20 percent within five years, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

The city's residents are confident that their two wheeled strategy will bring about that goal.

(CCTV December 16, 2009)