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Australian Children Urge PM to Stop Climate Change

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Australian children on Monday urged Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to do all he can to stop climate change ahead of his trip to the Copenhagen summit.

Rudd met with youngsters from the O'Connor Cooperative School hours before leaving to attend the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

The children presented him with a book of suggestions to stop greenhouse gas emissions harming the environment.

Rudd expected a round of "tough" international negotiations while addressing the concerns of his young audience.

"Sometimes people agree, sometimes they have a fight," he said.

"This is massively complex but we intend to give it our best effort to try and forge an agreement in Copenhagen," Rudd explained.

The prime minister identified a number of major obstacles to a global agreement.

These included how much money to give poor nations so they can shift to low-carbon economies, and developing a reliable means of measuring and reporting worldwide greenhouse gas reductions.

Rudd reaffirmed Australia's commitment to finding a solution that was good for everyone and the environment.

"We will do no less, and no more, than the rest of the world --whether that is a 5 percent target, a 15 percent target, or a 25 percent target," he told reporters. 

(Xinhua News Agency December 14, 2009)

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