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Demonstrators Call for Climate Deal

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Still in Copenhagen where tens of thousands of demonstrators have gathered urging world leaders to agree to a binding climate deal.

The protests come as governments from 192 countries shore up a deal to curb carbon emissions and prevent further global warming.

People marched through the Danish capital on Saturday as part of a large climate protest.

Demonstrators traveled from all over the world to participate in the massive demonstration.

Demonstrators, said, "We want a fair new treaty, that the countries say how much CO2 they will reduce and we want it to come now and that it is really binding them. Yeah we don't want them to leave without having achieved anything."

Demonstrators, said, "I think there's a lot of excitement that we can really achieve something. That we at least can get some attention to this issue and I think the world is watching."

Demonstrators, said, "I believe it is time to speak up, to speak up in a big mass of people. So many people around the world are thinking the same thing and it is time that the negotiators finally find out what it is. And it is big big pressure for them to finally take their responsibilities to do something about it because it is in their hands."

The march stretched approximately six kilometers, ending near the venue where the climate conference is being held.

Most of the rally was peaceful, but police arrested at least 600 activists after some bottles were thrown.

(CCTV December 13, 2009)