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NZ to Take Balanced Approach to Climate Change

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The New Zealand government said it is taking a balanced approach to climate change policy, local media reported on Sunday.

New Zealand Climate Change Minister Nick Smith, due to arrive in Copenhagen on Monday for the international climate summit, said New Zealand's clean green image is at stake.

"We need to take positive steps but there is no sense in New Zealand getting ahead of the rest of the world, losing jobs and costing industry investment, when we make up just point 2 percent of global emissions," Radio New Zealand quoted him as saying on Sunday.

Meat and Wool New Zealand is hoping to get a fair deal for sheep and beef farmers at the summit.

Meat and Wool New Zealand Chief executive Scott Champion said New Zealand should not be disadvantaged in regard to key competitors and export markets, because New Zealand farmers export 80 to 90 per cent of what they produce.

Champion said farmers are a bit nervous about what is going to come out of the summit.

(Xinhua News Agency December 13, 2009)