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Don't Be Taken Hostage by 'Climate Change'

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There is no doubt that every human on earth bears the responsibility of protecting our mother planet. However, the efforts of trying to mitigate global warming would go sour if they were used as a pretext for containing the economic and social development of developing countries.

The emissions reduction, which opened Monday in Copenhagen, is bound to be a fierce struggle for various interest groups. The Danish draft document sets a peak year for greenhouse gas emissions, demanding less from developed nations and setting sensitive limits; when talking about "common but differentiated responsibilities," some developed countries only talk about "common responsibilities" while ignoring the "differentiated" ones; some industrialized countries play tricks on the target year and benchmark year of emissions reduction...

The various measures taken by some developed countries show that on one hand they are trying their best to lighten their reduction obligations, while on the other hand pushing developing countries to reduce emissions according to their requests.

Currently, emissions cuts apparently have become mankind's new "moral standard." Anyone who is slow in reducing emissions would be hastily accused of damaging people's livings and development, and regarded as the common enemy of mankind.

This so-called "moral standard" is profoundly affecting the human being's social, economic and political activities.

As a matter of fact, tremendous disputes related to interests are behind the "moral standard."

Some developed countries have conducted research in emissions reduction, and owned abundant fund and advanced technology, having an advantage in this field.

However, developing countries short of capital and technology are under urgent pressure to improve their economies and citizens' living conditions.

Meanwhile, they have to pay huge prices for transforming their economic modes. Compared to developed countries, they are at a disadvantageous position in emissions cut.

Therefore, we should make efforts to prevent some people in developed countries from "kidnapping" developing countries under the guise of "climate change," and from compelling developing countries to sacrifice huge interests and development space due to the "moral standard."

Developed countries should be mainly responsible for global warming that has occurred over the past century. The per capita emissions of developing countries now are only equal to a small part of those of developed countries. A big population in developing countries is still poverty-stricken, and their living conditions have to be improved.

Despite the above-mentioned facts, developing countries, including China, haven't simply shrugged off their duties, but have actively taken measures to save energy and reduce emissions

It is unfair that developed countries consume much luxurious energy, and meanwhile developing countries are forbidden from consuming enough energy to develop their economy and improve people's living standard.

This struggle concerning mankind's existence and development will continue for a very long time.

During the process of making joint efforts to save the earth, we must take care not to be "kidnapped" by "climate change."

(Xinhua News Agency December 11, 2009)

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