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Leaked Danish Text Sparked Uproar

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A secret draft agreement being called the Danish Text has sparked an uproar among various groups at the United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen.

The controversial draft proposal was reportedly prepared by a group known as "the circle of commitment" composed of at least the UK, Denmark, and the US Delegates from developing countries, environmental organizations, and opponents of global taxation all criticized the proposal.

Executive director for environmental group Friends of the Earth, Andy Atkins,said the Danes holding secret backroom meetings with a few select countries is deeply disappointing, as the world expects the host country to be neutral. Countless other green groups denounced the document as well.

One of the issues highlighted by critics of the proposal is the change in power dynamics. The agreement would seemingly hand more control over the climate change money mechanism to rich countries. This would be accomplished via the World Bank -- where votes are based on contributions -- with a diminished role for the UN.

Another concern raised by outraged summit participants was the notion that by 2050, people in "developed" countries would still be able to emit twice the amount of per capita carbon dioxide as those in "developing" nations.

Sudanese delegate Lumumba Stanislas, on behalf of the Group of 77 poor countries, called the draft text a "serious violation that threatens the success of the Copenhagen negotiating process."

As for the leaked document, Denmark's Climate Ministry noted that it was just one draft among many, and that it was nowhere near the final product.

One European official acknowledged that it has "caused a lot of anger among developing countries who fear they are not being included in the informal process."

( December 10, 2009)

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