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Ordinary People Expect Concrete Results from Climate Summit

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People in Beijing say they're hoping for concrete results from the conference in Cophenhagen. Some echoed the government's call for developed countries to shoulder more responsibilities.

Bai Xiaohui, Beijing Resident said "I hope through this summit, they can raise some more substantial proposals that can be implemented. It shouldn't be like having a lot of meetings and making a lot of proposals, but in the end nothing concrete comes out of it, I think that would be a waste of time and energy."

Li Yujiang, Beijing Resident said "At the moment, if you talk about fair or unfair, what we need more is to cooperate. Of course because of their high level of economic development, if they can set a good example, more resources, developed countries have developed faster so if they can help developing countries with modern technology to make our emissions smaller, this would be good for developing countries."

(CCTV December 8, 2009)