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Asking China for Bigger Carbon Emissions Cuts Unreasonable

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The Vice Minister of China's top economic planner is stressing that China has made progress in cutting emissions of carbon dioxide, and also in world talks to fight global warming. Speaking at the climate conference in Copenhagen, Xie Zhenhua said it was unreasonable to ask China for bigger cuts given its current stage of development.

Xie Zhenhua says average GDP per capita in developed countries is US$40,000. In comparison, a less industrialized China, has average GDP per capita of just over 3000 dollars. He says it is unreasonable to request China to take on more responsibility for cutting carbon emissions.

Xie Zhenhua, Vice Minister of National Development & Reform Commission said "Given the current situation, no country can reduce carbon dioxide emissions so much when they are at that stage of development. It is not reasonable and scientifically-sound to make such demands of China."

Xie Zhenhua also said that China's carbon emissions reduction policy is founded on the same basis as developing countries. He added that while China will make great effort to reduce greenhouse gases, developed countries have to provide capital and technological support to developing countries.

Xie Zhenhua said "This is a request from developing countries. We should achieve such a result after extended negotiations from various sides."

Xie added that as a developing country, China's commitment to reducing the intensity of its carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 shows the nation's sense of responsibility. Xie Zhenhua emphasized that China is on the road to development.

(CCTV December 8, 2009)