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Melting Nepal Glaciers Threaten Lives

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People living in Nepal. High in the Himalayas, melting glaciers threaten not only those living on the slopes, but also fresh water supplies for tens of millions of people.

Known as the roof of the world, the Himalayas glacier range provides water to an estimated two billion people.

But climate change is now threatening that water supply. The mountain springs from the glaciers are no longer providing enough water for local residents downstream.

Scientists say if the water decline continues at this rate, there will be no more water in 30 years for nearby villages.

Pradeep Mool, Scientist, said, "... More than 1,000 glaciers of the Himalaya will be vanishing within the next 50 years if the present trend of the glacier melting continues and the global warming continues."

Meanwhile, the melting Himalayas are creating glacial lakes high up in the mountains, constantly growing and getting dangerously large.

So far, over 20 glacial lakes have been identified as being at considerable risk of breaching their natural embankments and flooding the villages below.

Scientists say it is only a question of time until the floods happen.

(CCTV December 8, 2009)