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Young Chinese Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Zhou Wanjun, Assistant Editor of, said, "When buying clothes, I choose those purely made with cotton. Because it takes less carbon to produce cotton clothes. I'm also adapting to a vegetarian diet as research shows much of the carbon emissions come from raising livestock."

Wu Wenyue, another reporter of, said,"We should say no to one-off chopsticks to protect the forest. Forests are crucial for reducing carbon emissions."

Like Zheng Xiyu and her colleagues, more and more people are pursuing a low-carbon life.

A recent survey shows an average 78 percent of all 17 thousand people questioned have developed environmentally friendly habits in their daily lives. They are doing things such as taking reusable shopping bags to the store and setting the air conditioner at a temperature above 26 degree Celsius.

Experts say a smaller carbon footprint can be created through changes in many aspects of our lives and more could be done to build China into a low-carbon society.

(CCTV December 5, 2009)

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